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Helping Our Seniors

by Michèle Morgan

Do you know that based on the 2018 US Census data that an average of 19% of the population in the U.S. is 65+ years old? What does that mean for the seniors and those taking care of the elderly?

Remaining active, productive, and engaged are commendable objectives for our nation’s seniors. Despite, society’s opinion of “old age” has not always stayed in pace with the reality of being old in America. Many current assumptions about aging were premised on information that is no longer credible given current scientific advancements. Avoid “fake numbers” about senior life at SeniorLiving.

We do know that organizing, managing money, preparing paperwork, downsizing homes, and decluttering living spaces can be overwhelming tasks for seniors. Often, seniors’ significant others were the people responsible for taking care of what we think of as love and dedication. However, after an elderly person loses their caregiver because of death, they succumb to emotional and psychological perils, whereas, many of us cannot relate.

AARP recently published an article titled, “AARP collaborative council finds little value — but lots of expense — in would-be memory boosters.” Seniors’ mental state digresses as time passes. Remembering to open mail, pay bills, and manage their finances are often forgotten or become so baffling that they procrastinate and simply do not perform the tedious tasks.

Morgan Organizers is here to help! Since 1994, Michele Morgan and her team of professionals have been assisting people to LAUGH MORE | STRESS LESS | LOVE LIFE. The business is a proud member of the National Association of Senior Advocates (NAOSA). NAOSA was founded to protect seniors from unethical business practices, scams, and businesses that target and take advantage of not only seniors but all consumers.

Many children of seniors who require special assistance in their daily living activities cannot perform that assistance for a variety of reasons, such as costs, time, energy, and effort. Costs can represent more than one source; outside aid, lack of charitable or programs for the elderly, and non-expertise in the industry. Time, energy, and effort can represent multiple sources, too; careers, families, transportation, remote locations, and even resistance from those needing the help the most.

These barriers, obstacles, and hurdles are overcome by Morgan Organizers.

One of Morgan Organizers’ core services is helping seniors to launch and administer the process of downsizing and transitioning to either an assisted living or an independent living location. Children, loved ones, friends, and caretakers often participate during this process.

Among most older adults, collecting items, during their lifetime, is a common theme. Boxes and boxes of family heirlooms, nostalgic keepsakes, “blended” family and children’s possessions, and mementos constitute a storage facility’ perfect partner. Morgan Organizers’ training and education through the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) ensure its ability to understand and recognize elders’ psychological, emotional, and physical attachment to their possessions. Complications of indecision, avoidance, procrastination, anxiety, and inability to part with properties require SME (Subject Matter Expert) knowledge, talent, and compassion during the downsizing event.

Are seniors using the latest methods and technology to help themselves and others? The 21st-century offers tools, technologies, applications, and methodologies that the elderly can use as resources to maintain connections with family, reconnect with friends through social media, find resources that can enhance their lives, watch videos, and learn techniques to improve their well-being. Morgan Organizers patiently, effectively, and efficiently teach seniors to use these products, services, and programs.

Some seniors are more comfortable discussing their feelings and issues to a stranger or professional. Enlist Senior Services from Morgan Organizers.

Do not delay! Call Michele Morgan, the founder, and owner of Morgan Organizers, at (301) 787-4010 for a FREE evaluation of how her organization can help the people that mean the most to you.