Busy Professionals

Does your home or home office feel stifling due to loads of clutter and disarray? We help busy professionals, including parents with home-based businesses, get organized so they can actually enjoy the time spent in their workplaces and living spaces.

 Whether you are operating a home business or managing the business of running your household, Morgan Organizers can address your specific needs to make sure that your home is optimally functional and organized.


Some of our services for busy professionals include:

  • Decluttering desktops and workspaces

  • Setting up, designing, and organizing home offices

  • Recommending, purchasing, and implementing organizing products

  • Creating, integrating, and/or modifying filing systems

  • Managing emails

  • Cleaning out drawers

  • Putting kitchens in order

  • Creating a neatly arranged pantry

  • Establishing systematic closets

  • Scheduling appointments / managing calendars / meeting deadlines

  • Initiating time management

  • Maintaining records

  • Space planning

  • Creating a seamless workflow and maximizing productivity for both home and office

  • Promoting business development

  • Following-up on leads after a presentation or meeting

  • Paying bills (including establishing automatic and online bill payment)

  • Processing insurance claims

At the same time, we can help you create and regulate habits to keep the organization systems running smoothly. We collaborate with you to devise systems that efficiently perform and conform with your lifestyle so that you can maintain them after implementation. Of course, we can also take care of the maintenance for you if you prefer, but either way, the goal is to establish order in your home so that you can find what you need when you need it.


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