Benefits of Downsizing for Seniors


Retirement looks a bit different for everyone. Some may choose to buy an extravagant home or a beach house. But more and more, seniors are discovering and taking advantage of the benefits of downsizing. Here are just a few of the ways downsizing can improve the quality of your life.

Less Upkeep
From making sure the grass gets mowed and shoveling the driveway when it snows to seemingly endless dusting and too many bathrooms to clean, larger homes require quite a lot of time for routine maintenance alone. Downsizing offers great advantages in terms of more free time and being able to spend your energy and resources in ways that bring more fulfillment.

New Floor Plan
Downsizing can offer the benefit of searching for a floor plan that suits your life’s current needs. Perhaps your current home is at the top of a hill and has three floors, and maybe stairs aren’t as easy as they once were. Often downsizing can include getting a one-floor home, apartment, or condo. This level of simplicity can turn something as simple as going to bed at night from a chore into a luxury.

More Resources to Do What You Really Want to Do
With less upkeep, you’ll have more time. And with a smaller mortgage or no mortgage (and less spent on utilities), you’ll have more financial resources to do the things that are meaningful to you. For many this means travel. For others, it may mean diving into a hobby – and being able to afford all of the accessories that hobby requires, from golf to gardening or painting.

More Amenities
Increasingly, we are seeing housing and neighborhoods designed specifically for active seniors. They are filled with a wide range of amenities and benefits that seniors today are looking for. They’ve got pickle ball, swimming, dance, social and card-playing clubs, music, theater, arts and crafts, boating, and much much more.

So what do you do if this all sounds great but you have no idea where to begin? It just so happens that Morgan Organizers specializes in these kinds of details – everything from the physical side of going through things and figuring out how to downsize to helping with all the paperwork and details necessary to get a home ready to sell. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the most of your retirement! Call Morgan Organizers today: 301-787-4010

Michele Morgan