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One of our primary services is helping seniors to initiate and execute the process of downsizing and transitioning to either an assisted living or an independent living situation—a process that may include the cooperation of grown children who are also assisting their parents.

Planning often starts months to years ahead of the actual move, which affords ample time to make sure that everything is in order while decisions are made about what is going with them, what to donate, what to throw away, and more.


Most older adults have collected many items throughout their lifetime, including boxes and boxes of family heirlooms, their children’s possessions and mementos, nostalgic keepsakes, and items from “blended” families. So there is often a psychological component to sorting through things that have high sentimental value. In fact, many people have real trouble with this task, suffering from a combination of anxiety, avoidance, and indecision. Rest assured that our educational training through National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) equips us to compassionately and carefully guide people through the emotional process of downsizing.

Morgan Organizers is also a member of the National Association of Senior Advocates (NAOSA), which was founded to protect seniors from unethical business practices and scams that attempt to target and take advantage of consumers. One of the ways NAOSA is accomplishing its mission is through establishing the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™. These standards go above and beyond current professional guidelines to identify numerous business practices that are not necessarily illegal, but are known to be unethical within certain U.S. industries, such as the legal, insurance, investment, and real estate sectors. NAOSA is the first organization to not only set these higher standards, but also to cover multiple professions by one source.

We are extremely proud to be part of these esteemed organizations and look forward to becoming a trusted resource for you, your friends, and your family as we help seniors take steps toward conscientiously downsizing and transitioning to the next phase of life.

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