What Are the Biggest Misconceptions About Organizers?


If you’re one of the many who doesn’t find it easy to get and stay organized on your own, you may be thinking about hiring a professional organizer. You might also find that some of the things you currently believe about organizers and what they do aren’t actually true. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about organizers:

Misconception #1: Organizers also perform housekeeping/maid services.

While some companies may cover both organizing and housekeeping services, they are actually two separate professions. One has to do with cleaning, and the other has to do with putting systems in place to help keep your life running smoothly.

Misconception #2: Once your organizer puts a system in place, the system will magically run itself.

Getting organized is the first step, and can be considered a destination. Staying organized, however, is a journey. It requires maintenance. The good news is that once a system is in place, it can be easy to maintain it. The better news is that your professional organizer can also help with the maintenance.

Misconception #3: It’s going to be painful.

Some people do make the process of becoming organized painful, but it certainly never has to be that way. The way we see it here at Morgan Organizers, the process of becoming organized should be fun, or at the very least, feel freeing – like a burden being lifted from your shoulders.

Misconception #4: My house will look like it belongs in a magazine.

Remember, the goal here is to end up with a space that functions well for you and your family, not to create a space that looks like nobody actually lives there. That said, organizing a chaotic space will inevitably improve its appearance.

Misconception #5: I need to buy all of those bins and containers I see in Target before getting started.

No. Just no. Simply put, you organize first, and (only if needed) buy second. By the time you’re done organizing, which includes getting rid of what you no longer need, you will most often find that you have much less to store than you did before. Only then will you know what you need in terms of storage containers.

And last but not least, people have a common misconception that “I’ll just get through this busy day/week/month, and then I’ll get organized.” That mindset tends to last for years (and years). The only way to get organized is to simply start. Give us a call today and find out how easy it can be. 301-787-4010

Michele Morgan