Is Your Wardrobe Really a Floordrobe?


We’ve all been there. Maybe life is just a bit too busy, or maybe you just don’t know where to start, but we all know what it feels like to have clothing all over the floor. This, of course, can lead to several issues that tend to feed off of each other and can actually end up costing more time and energy than it would take to keep clothing organized. For instance:

  • Items that can be worn more than once before washing may end up needing to be washed more often.

  • Items that could have stayed wrinkle-free on a hanger now need precious time spent ironing them before wearing.

  • You can’t ever find what you’re looking for, because you can’t remember if it’s where it’s “supposed” to be, or somewhere in the pile on the floor.

The best part about finally getting this floordrobe turned into a wardrobe? The fact that the system needs to work for you, and you can make up the rules! If that means you’ve got hangers going down your closet or bathroom door like this instead of hanging in your closet, great! Here are some more possibilities:

  • You can have a chair sitting in your room where jackets might hang on the back, while pants that can be worn again before being washed or dry cleaned get folded and placed on the seat.

  • Bring the hamper right to the spot where you tend to pile dirty clothes.

  • Have a dedicated goodwill bag in your room so that clothes you know you just won’t wear again don’t keep ending up back in the mix.

  • Also keep a dedicated dry cleaning bag in your room, so that it’s easy to tell when it’s time to take a trip to the dry cleaners.

It’s important to create a system that you can actually stick with. If you know that you’re just not ever going to hang up or fold that clean shirt you changed your mind on at the last minute right then and there, just make a dedicated spot for it so it doesn’t get mixed in with the dirty clothes.

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Michele Morgan