How to Manage Your Time Effectively


ovember is here – again – already! As we adjust to the new rhythm of the recent Daylight Savings shift, we’d like to share with you three of our favorite quotes about time and how we at Morgan Organizers use them as inspiration to manage time effectively.

 “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

~ Warren Buffet

 This idea is at the heart of how we approach all that we do to improve our clients’ lives. One might look at a mighty oak tree and think about how much time it took for it to grow to that size, and decide that it’s not even worth planting a seed. Similarly, one might look at a house in disarray or financial statements that are out of control, and think that the task is just too big. The secret to success is taking the first step – planting that seed.

 “Time management is life management.”

~ Robin Sharma

Have you ever “lost” an hour or two (or three) to Facebook, or perhaps Netflix? Maybe you intended to hop on for a quick check-in on Facebook or to watch a single half hour episode of your favorite show. And before you know it, your entire evening is gone. When we learn to effectively manage our time, the positive effects will inevitably have a rippling effect through every single area of our lives.

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”

~ John Lennon

This one may seem counter intuitive, especially after the previous quote, but there is a subtle and significant difference between “losing” time to unintentionally binge watching for hours, and intentionally carving time out to binge watch a show you love. When you have discipline in how you spend your time, the time you carve out for pleasurable activities will feel restorative instead of wasteful.

How do you spend your time? Is there room for improvement? Not sure where to start? We’d be delighted to help you take that first step. Call us today. 301-787-4010

Michele Morgan