How to Keep Your Car Organized & Clutter-Free


Summer often brings many schedule changes and events, particularly if you have children. A calendar filled with pool parties, 4th of July, summer camps, vacations, and more can leave our vehicles looking like disaster zones. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with it all, but we’ve got some great tips to help you stay on top of things:

  • Start with the glove box. Use the glove box for things that you need in the car at all times. Things like registration and insurance info, trash bags (see below), and perhaps some sunglasses or emergency cash. The important thing here is to not put anything else in there. Once we start throwing receipts and other day-to-day stuff in there, it becomes a catch-all. Then you can’t find the important things you need when you need them.

  • Get organized. There are so many great products available today that fit any type of vehicle. Something like this back seat organizer or this trunk organizer can be extremely useful when you need to keep track of books, activities for the road, sports equipment, and more. An added benefit of these types of accessories is that you can bring them inside to clean them out and reorganize as often as needed.

  • Keep extra trash bags in the car. This one is so important. Without a trash bag, where does the granola bar wrapper or the used tissue go? Usually in the cup holder or door storage compartments. (Yuck!) Having a few extra bags available at all times goes a long way. Every time a bag fills up, simply toss it while at the gas station while filling your tank, then grab a new one from the glove box.

  • What goes in must come out. Following this tip on a daily basis can make all the difference in the world. Perhaps you had to wear a jacket on a chilly morning, but left it in the trunk when things warmed up later on. Or maybe you brought some containers filled with snacks that ended up empty and on the passenger seat. When you get home each day, bring these odds and ends inside instead of letting them pile up in your car.

We hope you find these tips helpful and that wherever your summer plans take you this year, you enjoy traveling in your well-organized vehicle!

Michele Morgan