Are you a collector or a hoarder?


Sometimes the distinction between being a hoarder and being a collector or even nostalgic can be a fine line. Perhaps you started collecting art supplies, or have an assemblage of projects that have been started and you’re waiting for the right time to finish. Maybe your collection of Muppets memorabilia has started spilling out of the room it was intended to decorate.

There are a few key guidelines you can use to determine whether your habits fall under the healthier side of collections, or whether you may be crossing into hoarder territory.

Signs you may be a hoarder:

  1. Do you have sections of your house that have become unusable because of the stuff that’s piled in it? Or even whole rooms?

  2. Do you collect things that have no value – financially, sentimentally, or otherwise?

  3. Do your collections disrupt your life or the lives of your loved ones?

Signs that you’re more of a collector:

  1. You take pride in your collections and display them artfully or show them to people who come over.

  2. You trade parts of your collections with other collectors.

  3. Your collections have financial or otherwise clear value.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there’s no need to worry. Whether you need just a little organizing of what you’ve got or whether it’s time to let go of much of it, there are easy steps you can take, and plenty of support to be found.

While more severe cases of hoarding may require the help of a therapist or psychologist to assist with the emotional and mental side of letting go of things, we can help with the actual tasks of going through your home and carefully determining what to get rid of and how to get rid of it as well as what to keep and how to keep it organized. Call us anytime. 301-787-4010

Michele Morgan